Joan Russell, ETBI, will chair a panel discussion on Leadership for Creativity and Inclusion – Thursday 14th at PDA Conference

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Not to be missed – on Thursday 14th at PDA Conference Joan Russell, ETBI Director of Schools, will facilitate a panel discussion with a focus on “Leadership for Creativity and Inclusion” – joining her will be Dr. Anne Looney, Dr. Joe O’Connell and Barry Slattery (NCCA – Review of Senior Cycle).

Joan Russell Director of Schools Support Services (ETBI) Joan was a Principal of a Vocational School for three years before being appointed as Education Officer to Co. Cork VEC in 2005. She was appointed as CEO (Acting) of Co. Cork VEC in 2010 and fulfilled that role up to the amalgamation of Co. Cork and City of Cork VECs in July 2013. She was then seconded from CETB to work as Project Officer for Instructional Practices and has been recently appointed as Director for School Support Services Post-Primary (ETBI). Joan was a member of the Teaching Council 2012 – 2016 and a member of the National Council for Special Education (NCSE), 2010 – 2015. Joan has a keen interest in professional development. She qualified as a Home Economics teacher, has a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership as well as Higher Diploma in Educational Administration and a Higher Diploma in Professional Studies (School Planning).

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