Inspectors Brian Mac Giolla Phádraig and Ger Power will speak at PDA Conference

DES Inspectorate on Child Protection and Safeguarding model of Inspection will be discussed on Friday at 10am (Conference Schedule). Brian is a divisional inspector with the Department of Education and Skills. He is based in Athlone and currently assigned to the Office of the Chief Inspector and to the Evaluation Support and Research Unit of the Inspectorate. In this role he provides support to the Chief Inspector and the Senior Management Group of the Inspectorate. He is working on a number of projects including developing the Child Protection and Safeguarding Inspection (CPSI) model and realigning the evaluation of provision for learners with special educational needs in post-primary schools to take account of recent developments in special education. Before joining the inspectorate, he was a primary teacher and principal.

Ger is Senior Inspector with the Department of Education and Skills. He is currently assigned to the Inspectorate’s Evaluation, Support and Research Unit (ESRU) with responsibilities in the areas of • Inspection planning • inspection model development • STEM Prior to appointment as an inspector in 2007, Ger taught Technical Graphics and Engineering in CBS Tramore County Waterford for almost ten years

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